Anaztasia's Colourful Life

By: Anaztasia Saharudin

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Saturday, 10-Jun-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.:Lanchang Animals:.

ni tgh manje-manje neh
macam nak lari kan kitorang?
Layu si mata gajah
Storyline by :anaztasia saharudin
Equipped by:NIKON D70s
Lots of Lurve to: Boe who loan me his gun (NIKON le)
Thanks to: Boe jugak cos some of the shoots below are his ehehhe main tipu eks

This elephant sanctuary is located atr Kuala Gandah, Lanchang in Pahang. We made a diversion before going back to KL that Sunday afternoon and I was given the trust to drive the 4WD..whoohoo~@! Ni yang nak beli satu neh... Anyho the elephants are mostly orphans, the other animals are actually not so far from the sanctuary. We had a chance to feed the animals up close and personal, although ada sikit sikit berani takut . ehehhehe. Enjoy the piccas!

this is early Sunday morning. Guys are wrap like body bag..hmmm

baby elephants who like to suck their keepers' fingers to console their fear with ppl...

She's from Myanmar and is 24 year old...

this spoilt lil sunbear is given condensed milk to drink and ants to eat. Very manja one!

blue lil peacock

a lil kiss for dadda?

seeing double aye?

this phyton still give me the chill til now

ala-ala Yankee anak angkat auntie Zainonku di umah nenek...ehhee tapi yang ni bleh borak2 la kununs

Friday, 9-Jun-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.:Lets Dip in!:.

this is Jerangkang
gaya manje main air
uwaaa...!! i cried once i saw this waterfall. We hiked up around 15 minutes or so and wore our goggles and stuff to swim. it was all Jerangkang for 8 of us and yeah we had fun! That was PRICELESS!! Nam even had the guts to dive in the water and i braced myself to cross the current to be on the rocks...Cool view, cool water and beautiful lush greenery everywhere. What more can I ask?

The smiling siblings. Adik before she got bitten by that fat slimy leech muahaha

beautiul isn't it? i love this scenery

peeking both anak and mak dara berendam

threesome on the rocks...lalallala~@!

the water looks heavy and texturised...tak tahu punyalah kuat air dia!

Thursday, 8-Jun-2006 06:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.:4WD in Jerangkang Part Uno:.

Shoot the photographer
Dusk at Jerangkang
Wow! Look at the date below. It's been some time that i haven't give any input to this deserted area. Well, One thing for sure my camera is a wakaf camera where the siblings shared. The itchy hands will always be itchy, kan? So when I saw a friend's Nikon D70s, apa lagi snap here and there la...So peeps...Hopefully you enjoy my outdoors piccas...

I spent 2 nights and 2 days at Jerangkang, located in Maran, Pahang. Travelled with my friends' 4WD, the experience is beyond expressions. Especially when Vit brought along her 14 y-o sis, Adik. We slept in a hut, we cooked our own "home cooked" out door meals, we've been bitten by bugs and yeah Adik got her first leech bite...

On Sunday, we went to Kuala Gandah to see Elephants' Sanctuary where there were loads of baby elephants, then to a small safari to see a spoilt sun bear (very manja one), snakes, deers, monkeys (like my aunt's Yankee), Ostriches and small animals. Got to feed them personally, even the sun bear!
So I didn't ditch my reliable Deuter after all...

Even Mom asked me, "Til when will you stop your outdoor activities?"
"I want to have an outdoor family, ma...if possible to have a husband who loves outdoor..."
"Kamu tu banyak kena belajar Naz...." Sampuk my dad...

and yeah, this time i kept quite...unable to answer that "cepumas" bonanza question...i know my religious knowledge is still comparatively low. I hope my significant other can elevate my knowledge on this (plus learning from knowledgable ppl la of cos). Remembering how people perceived me as being choosy and stuff, hey! It's my choice right? to marry is not something that you can just pluck and wear..and yeah...i'm the one who choose to be like this. So it's my right to choose. Anyho, enjoy the piccas!

Initial Stage we all relax lagi

yup! confirm stuck in the slimy mud

acara menyelamat oleh En. Said

intai kot-kot leh nyelam bawah truck ehhee

ha! tu diaaa tgkler after effect sangkut

Wednesday, 9-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.::Eid Mubarak ~ Raya Morning::.

Raya came and went. This is the time to reflect on self of things we have done for the blessed Ramadhan. As usual armoured with a Canon powershot, with a mediocre feelings to face the harsh reality of life, contented heart while beloved ones are all here, this is the story of my Eid Mubarak...

Early morning as I saw it...

P ramlee early morning? hmmm a paradigm shift by those Tv peeps....hey! don't ever divert the sweetness of doing that Raya prayer early morning

Peeking tru two cookie jars

Tuesday, 8-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.:Forgive and Forget:.

Forgive & Forget. We are only human but do we remember the duty of becoming a good servant of AlLah? As He NEVER forgets...

The Great Omizukas who taught us a lot of how to live life in accordance of Islam...our life examples of great people

Its about sincerity, honesty and forgiving

Some advices to the less experienced...

Mother Love

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